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Check-ups by specialty

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The urologic evaluation has established itself as the best preventive method to rapidly detect prostate disease in men. Increasingly, the knights who annually undergo such screening for your own peace. It should be an essential revision in men over age 40 for early detection of related reproductive and urinary tracts diseases.


  • Complete Medical Exploration
  • Flowmetry
  • Ultrasound Renovesicoprostática

Custom of the results delivered by the same doctor.

Digestive Check-up

Is the latest in preventive diagnosis. This check includes a battery of tests that ruled out the digestive pathology, with a complete analysis of blood and urine including tumor markers, with an abdominal ultrasound and a virtual colonoscopy.


  • Complete Medical Exploration

  • Anamnesis and medical history

  • Complete blood and urine including: CEA, Ferritin and Trasferritina Abdominal ultrasound *

  • Virtual Colonoscopy

Delivery of results

Once all the tests, the physician in charge of the medical examination will make a first assessment of the results. A few days later, you will be summoned to make delivery of the final reports and the appropriate medical recommendations.

Cardiological Check-ups

We perform 3 types of Cardiology ratings depending on the patient's needs. See them

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